Monday, November 10, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween gets more fun each and every year as the kids get older.  Addison was so into it this year and we look forward to many more years with her having her parents in tow and it still being "cool".
Here is our Halloween in pictures with our favorite Sooner Cheerleader and Linebacker. 
 These two were not quite sure of some of the costumes.  I pray my kids never want to be a "Dead Chearleader" or "Zombie".  They are not fans now and I hope it stays that way!
Sweet boy getting a little chilly and waving to every passerby.
We spent 2 hours going door to door... these two kids loved every second of it.  A lot of the houses in our neighborhood just put bowls out on their porch.  Addison would always check for a sign to see if it said she could take more than 1. It was hilarious and precious at the same time.
As soon as we got home, Addison changed into Belle to pass out candy and anxiously awaited for a knock at the door.
Halloween with kids is the BEST.  We cannot wait until next year!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Easter Part 1: School Spring Celebration

We kicked off Easter with a Spring Celebration at the kids' school.   This seems like so long ago.  Both of these little loves look like such babies to me!

Luke's egg hunt was first...

He was a PRO at army crawling at this stage...

Yay, buddy!!
Look at those leg rolls.  Oh, how I love him. 
Next up, sister's turn!

Look at that hair in action... good lord!

After both egg hunts, all the kids and parents had a picnic lunch.  These two really enjoyed themselves.  If food is involved, Luke always enjoys himself!   It was a great start to our Easter weekend! 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Twins are 1!

Can you believe it!?  Landry and Harper are 1 already.  Wow!  We had so much fun celebrating their first year last month.  Ash and Landon hosted the most precious party for their girls... all things pink, yellow, sunshine and lemonade.  Take a look!
So many precious kiddos!  Ash and Lan have some amazing friends. 
 Cake time!  Harper wasn't impressed (typical Harper - she is a hoot!) and Landry wasn't a big fan.  Maybe it was the taste... maybe it was the mess.  Landry would be okay if it was another year before she had cake again.
Uncle Josh sure does love his nieces!  Look at Miss Landry in her first "big girl jammies". 
Such a fun day for two very special and loved little girls.  It has been so fun watching them grow and develop two very different personalities.  Harper may be a little smaller than her twin sister but is such a spitfire.  Landry is so laid back.  They are the best of friends and will probably be the worst of enemies.  They already steal each others toys and pacifiers.  Hilarious.
H and L - you are so, so loved sweet girls.  Happy 1st Birthday!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Sister Says

Addison's teacher approached me this week about Addison being honest so we have had several conversations about it this weekend, including last night at dinner.

Here is how it went...

She asks:    "Mommy, are you and Daddy honest?"

Mommy:    "Yes. We sure are. Being honest makes Jesus happy."

Addison:    "I'm not honest yet. I'll be honest in 2 weeks."

Noted, sister.  I'll let your teacher know.  Oh to be 3!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Lukes Hole in One Par-Tee!

Luke's Par-Tee was all about his Hole-In-ONE.

This little guy loved the attention...

Miss Landry loved Luke's truck... and was looking ADORABLE.

Such a big boy!

 We served club sandwiches (Jimmy John's... delicious), chips, fruit wedges, and sticks (carrots) and dip.  It was easy and refreshing.

And this Momma made dessert... Luke's smash cake, cupcakes and sand traps (rice krispie treats).  It was all perfectly, imperfect.  I mean, Luke's cake somewhat resembled a golf ball depending on what angle you looked from. Ha!  Luke loved it.  All that matters right!?


This boy took a minute or two to dig in but once he got going, there was no stopping him except to just take it away.

I love our house the most when it is filled with family and friends.  We are so thankful for those that came to celebrate with us!

And if you don't have yourself a bubble machine.... go get you one! 


Totally not planned but LOVE having girl cousins to match with!  Impromptu photo shoot....

And then the birthday boy wanted in the picture...

And Cousin Logan of course!

Luke's Pro Shop aka Party Favors.... swimming rings for the big kids, beach balls for the little kids, and a pack of Extra gum for the adults.
. "Thanks for celebrating my hole-in-one.  It was extra fun! / Hope you had a ball!" 

Such a fun evening with our sweet family celebrating our BIG boy. 
I cannot believe he is already 1 years old!
Phew... until next May!