Thursday, March 17, 2016

Monday, February 8, 2016

Bump Update: Hours to go!

Tomorrow we will be a family of 5.  Oh, how this pregnancy flew by.  I took a few minutes and asked the kids some questions about their new baby sister. Also for my own records and little bit's baby book, a little FAQ on my pregnancy because I didn't track anything this time around except for a picture here and there.

Addison's Interview:
  1. What color hair do you think baby sister will have? Little light brownish.
  2. How much hair do you think she will have?  A lot like Luke had when he was born but a little longer. Girl hair but short like Luke when he was a baby. A little bit of hair to put in a headband
  3. Do you think it will be curly or straight? Curly
  4. How much will she weigh?  What?  You weigh 35 pounds.  How many pounds do you think baby sister will weigh?  I don't know what pounds are but I'll say 18 pounds.
  5. How old will she be?  Zero.
  6. What color eyes will she have?  Family blue eyes.
  7. Will she look like Momma or Daddy?   Actually, I think she will look like me.
  8. What is her name going to be?   Kennedy Isabelle Carson 
  9. What are you going to call her?  Baby sissy.

{Painting a masterpiece for Baby Sister's nursery}

Luke's Interview:
  1. What color hair do you think baby sister will have? Pink.
  2. Do you think it will be curly or straight? Curly
  3. What color eyes will she have?  Pink.
  4. How big is she going to be?  Like me big.  Like 2 years old.
  5. Will she look like Momma or Daddy?   Daddy!!
  6. What is her name going to be?   Kennedy.  Maybe she should be a Boomer Sooner.
  7. What are you going to call her?  Rockstar.
{Painting a masterpiece for Rockstar's Nursery}


Momma's FAQ:

How are you feeling?
Other than a little nauseous the first trimester, no morning sickness.  I feel pretty good!  I don't sleep the best but that is to be expected. And I am 5 years older with this pregnancy than my first so overall, I just feel pains in different places but I can't complain.  With hours left, I have the pregnancy waddle down.  This baby is so low, unlike the other two, the waddle is in full effect.

Do you know if this is a boy or girl?
Yep, it's a girl!  We found out at 16 weeks and confirmed at our 20 week ultrasound.  That is the last time we got a sneak peek at our little one.

When are you due?
My due date (40 weeks) is February 14th.  This is a scheduled c-section (my 3rd) and is set for Tuesday, Feb 9th (39 weeks, 3 days).

{36 weeks}
Is this pregnancy any different than your others?
I started showing the quickest with this one, around 10 weeks.  I have carried this little one a lot lower than the others as well.  Like have-to-go-to-the-bathroom-every-hour low.   I have had bad acid reflux this time.  More sensitive to spicy food.  Nothing a tum or two can't fix at the end of the day. Old wives tales say that means she will have a lot of hair... we will see!  Probably the biggest difference is that I am not working this time around other than part-time for my Dad.  With that has come far more time to prepare for this baby.  And... no swelling at all!  My ankles were huge by the end of the day from about 36 weeks on with my other two.    Ironically, I have gained the exact same amount of weight, down to the exact pound, with every single pregnancy including this one.

{38 weeks, 5 days}
Any cravings or weird things with food?
My appetite has just been off this pregnancy... like hard-to-cook-because-nothing-sounds-good off.  I couldn't drink coffee until about the halfway mark. It made me feel sick to my stomach and that is NOT like me.  I live for my coffee in the mornings. BBQ has made my stomach turn all throughout this pregnancy.   I've craved milk this time like the others but started craving it a lot later in my pregnancy, not until my 3rd trimester and now, we cannot keep up with the milk habit in this house between me and the kids.  I've had much more of a sweet tooth this time around.  Womp. Womp.

Do you have a name?
Yes, we do have a name as of about 2 weeks ago!  How is that for an answer?!

Are you nesting?
I nested like a crazy lady from the start of the 2nd trimester up until today!  Seriously, my poor husband.  Lists, lists, and more lists.   I finally hit a wall in the energy department this Monday with one week left to go until delivery but it was very short lived.

Are you going to have more kids?
We are likely done but time will only tell.  Its very bittersweet as a Momma to say you are done having kids.  How do you know!?  Pregnancy is the most amazing miracle to experience and I am so grateful to have been able to live it not just once but 3 times.  I have tried really hard to cherish this pregnancy... this human life inside my tummy, cherishing the kicks and the rolls, cherishing the sleepless nights and frequent potty breaks, cherishing "the bump".  For all of you waiting for and praying for your chance to be a Mommy, it is so worth every struggle, every wait. Know God has a plan and hears your cries.  Your time will come.


So... we are down to hours to go.  We are SO ready to meet this little love.  My bags are packed, freezer meals are prepared (18+ meals I think), schedules/plans are written down for the BIG kids, Valentine's put together for school parties this week, nursery is finished, at this moment laundry is done, the house is clean, the dishwasher is empty, car seat is washed and ready, the pack-n-play is up, we've stocked up on groceries, the laundry room has been painted, I got my car inspected and oil changed (because ALL that matters!?) ...check. check. check. I told you nesting has been OUT OF CONTROL ...

Really what matters most... our hearts are ready. We are SO ready to welcome you to this world and our family, sweet girl.  We cannot wait to introduce you to your brother and sister.  You are going to LOVE them.   Not to mention your grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins (10 of them!) ... we ALL love you beyond measure already and will see you soon!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Luke: 2 . 5 Years

And just like that you are 2.5 years old.... very quickly approaching the big 3! You are ALL boy.  Like holy moly, all BOY.

Here is what you are up to these days.  You....

- are sleeping in a toddler bed
- broke up with your paci just shortly after your 2nd birthday
- with the paci break-up also came a break-up with naps (ugh!)  We are lucky to get a nap out of your once or twice a week... maybe.
- are up by 7:30 every morning on your own and are asleep usually by 8:30 pm at the latest
- love snacks.  You think any and every car ride is meant to be a feast.  You will always ask me "what you have!?"
- are missing the warmer weather and being able to play outside all day, every day
- have a great vocabulary and are speaking so well but I'm a little biased.
- you tell us multiple times a day "I be a boomer sooner when I grow up and pway footbawl!"  You have been brainwashed by your Daddy pretty good.  You think any football you see is the Boomer Sooners and will break out in chant.
-  are still pretty shy and love to cling to Mommy and Daddy when not at home
-  love your cousins.  You mention Aiden and Harper at the dinner table every night.
-  are very coordinated.  More so than your sister.  You play t-ball like a champ, run and kick a soccer ball, play on your scooter with ease.  You impress me daily.
- like to CLIMB.  On EVERYTHING.  Lord, help me and keep you safe!
- like to color; however, we had to take crayons away from you because you liked to color on everything.  Walls.  Couches.  Ugh.  For now, Color Wonder ONLY.
-  are doing very well at school.  Finally warmed up so you don't cry at drop-off everyday BUT don't change your routine or you will see tears.  Mommy has to get you out of the car and you have to hold sissy's hand walking into school.  A teacher better not touch you.
- are getting taller and thinning out.  Makes me sad.
- are pretty defiant with certain things and if you don't get your way, you make sure and tell us you are mad about it.
- like to go to Target and often request to "run airwends" after school rather than go home
- are still afraid of dogs... really any animal but our beta fish.
- love cereal just like your sister (and your Momma)
- must have milk before bed, usually chocolate milk is the request
- don't like getting your hair fixed or cut
- LOVE to sing.  "Jesus Loves Me" is your favorite.  Your recite "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" like poetry rather than a song.   It's very dramatic.
- love to "look" for baby sister in my belly.  It always results in "I don't see her".  You are going to be a great big brother.
- go on the potty on average once a day, usually before bath.  You are ready to potty train Momma has just put it off until baby sister gets here. 
- are wearing 4T clothes, weigh 34 lbs, and are in a size 10 shoe

I want to always remember...

- your giggle.
- how you make us laugh.  Just by your actions, your eyes, your looks, your walk, your stories.  They way you carry yourself.  There is something so "Luke" about it and it makes any day a better day.

- how you pray.  You lower your head, close your eyes, and then you start peaking your eyes open to check on everyone else.
- how you yell for "Momma!" in the mornings as you wait outside your door for me to come get you. 
- the way you bathe yourself.  It's hilarious.
- how you ask Mommy or Daddy to sit "wif" you
- how sweet you are after you ask for help, you always say thank you
- how you hold my right hand going down the stairs every morning after you wake up
- your love affair with snacks
- the way your little legs look in your diaper

Luke Matthew, we love ALL the boy that you are.  You are going to be the perfect middle child.  You keep us on our toes and hopefully out of the ER for the foreseeable future.  Keep being you because we think you are pretty amazing.  

Addison: 4 . 5 Years

What?!  4 1/2 years old already!?  Wow!   Sweet girl you are sassy, stubborn, dramatic, kind, loving and ALL girl.  You CANNOT wait to go to kindergarten next year.  Momma on the other hand, will be an emotional mess.   I just cannot believe you are such a KID now ... no longer a baby, no longer a toddler, and for not much longer a pre-schooler.   Here is a bit of what you are up to these days. You...

-  love to pretend.  You love to play restaurant, school, post office, library, Mommy/daddy...
-  love to sing.  You get so into praise and worship music and will always ask for it to be turned up. 
-  are very eager to spell and read.  You try and I love what your little brain produces.
-  are really working on your handwriting.  As a lefty, you turn some letters backwards but are getting better and better every single day.
-  can pull the drama on like a light switch and it doesn't matter where we are... you'll fall to your knees and pout/cry like the world is ending over the silliest things like your brother sitting on "the wrong side of the shopping cart"
- hoard your toys... I find the most random, smallest, tiniest, not-really-a-toy toys stuffed into purses or a bag all over the house.  You will do whatever you have to do to make sure you brother does NOT touch your things.
- still LOVE arts and crafts.  You ask daily after school to "craft". 
- are taking ballet!  You love it.  The local dance studio comes to your school once a week for a combo tap/ballet class.  Recital is in June and we cannot wait to see your show.

- are at a new, Christian preschool only 3-days a week from 9-2 pm. This is such a welcome change for you as all you have known your whole life is full-time care from 8 am to 5:30 pm, 5-days a week.
- still have a horrible habit of biting and picking your finger nails!
- are starting to protest bows.  What!?
- you know all your numbers 1 - 100 and can write them all in order
- you are developing such a sweet relationship with our Lord.  You pray the sweetest prayers and are starting to ask a lot of questions about Heaven.
- still like someone to lay with you at bedtime. 
- are turning into such an independent little girl.  You brush your own teeth, comb your own hair, try to put it in a ponytail. You prefer to pick out your own clothes, dress yourself, wash your own hair, and take showers.
- swing all on your own, get those legs pumping and away you go
- have an amazing memory. Seriously, I am often in awe of the things you remember.  I can't remember what I had for breakfast most days.
- love your brother.  You are the sweetest siblings and I know best friends for life. Most days, you two get along really well but there are definitely moments.  Moments you will NOT share a darn thing.
- you play with your hair as a nervous/shy habit
- love being at home
- are growing!  We can tell by how much you are eating at meals.
- Love yourself some fruity pebbles ("fruity peddles" you say), any cereal for dinner for that matter.
- are wearing very few 5Ts and are mostly in XS/S big girl clothes.  Sigh!  35 lbs... 1 lb more than your 2.5 year old brother. Size 11-12 shoe.

I want to always remember....

- how you like to move slow in the mornings.
- how sweet you look in your nightgowns.
- that you say "had-ed" rather than "had"
- how you love your Daddy.  You two have something very special.
- how hearing "I am so proud of you" makes you beam
- the way you talk on the phone at 4 years old like you are 13
- how you pose anytime you hear "let me take your picture".  That hand goes on your hip and you bring the sass right on out
- how tender your heart is about certain things like growing up.  You cry at the thought of being away from your brother.
- that I can still carry you up the stairs if you happen to fall asleep in the car

Addison Leigh, you are such a great big sister and I am so glad God gave us you first.  We cannot wait to see you with your sister and know you two will be the best of friends.  Thank you for loving me even when I lose my patience with you.  You are so incredibly special and we are so thankful you are ours. Now, slow down a little and let's take this turning 5 thing a little slow, okay?

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Wait. Isn't it A-B-C? 

I have had a hard time putting this past week into words. It comes down to this. My brother-in-law has cancer. He is 34 with a wife, twin 2-year old little girls and a 6-week old little boy at home.  My sister's husband, has APL Leukemia and he is going to kick it's hiney to the curb.  It wasn't invited to their party and it sure isn't welcome. 

This news has been nothing short of devastating, heartbreaking, and emotionally draining for Ashley and Landon and those close to them.  A journey that started last Wednesday when Landon went to his primary care doctor for some bruising he noticed that was unexplainable.  No other symptoms at all. After some blood work and some incredible guidance from Landon's brother and a good friend of ours in Oklahoma, Landon found himself at the ER Thursday for more blood work and was admitted right away for a bone marrow biopsy later that day. The next several days would be a rollercoaster to determine his true diagnosis of what type of leukemia he has. 

Very late Sunday night, they received the diagnosis it was APL. This was a prayer answered. Landon said it best, "This is the BEST BAD news I have ever received."  Yes, really.  He is pretty amazing. To have APL and to catch it early is one of, if not the best, diagnosis of leukemia you can get with a very high cure rate and also usually a low need for bone marrow transplant. We have been praying daily for certain results and each and every day we have had reason to cheer. Is this going to be an easy road? Absolutely not.  Is there light on the other side?  Absolutely yes.  

Landon is not only a friend, an Aggie, a son, a brother, an uncle but an amazing husband and the best father to 3 adorable little ones.  Ashley hit jackpot in the husband category, ya'lI. With that, we hit jackpot with another brother.  I had mentioned to Landon I think last Friday I was praying for him and all he could say back was "I am at peace and have no doubt this is just a hiccup. Please pray for Ashley and the kids".  This guy leads his life with a heart centered on our Lord and his family. It is evident in every step he takes. 

What happens next?  Landon will be in the hospital for a month at a minimum.  He has a great team of oncologists fighting this with him and is getting fantastic care at Medical City. He started treatment Monday through his PICC line. It isn't considered chemo (blessing!) but is still very toxic. He gets it daily for 3-4 weeks. There will be ugly side affects of the drug no doubt. At the same time, his blood counts are being monitored extremely close and he is given blood and platelets as needed to aid his fight. He is on a very strict diet. No fresh fruits and veggies. No cold meats. No pepper. All to prevent an infection. The smallest sniffle, bacteria, germ that comes in contact with Landon puts him at a very high risk for a setback and a very serious one at that. 

Perhaps the hardest part of this journey right now for Landon is that he cannot see his kids because of the risk of infection.  There is a whole lot of FaceTime happening with Daddy! We are not sure if and when getting to hug those sweet faces will be a reality for him again. Ash has packed up the family for the foreseeable future and has found a home at my mom's with the kiddos.  She is splitting her time between the hospital and her kids, trying to find that right balance. By staying in Plano, she is over an hour closer to Landon than if they were home which is very important now and also thru his recovery once they bust out of the hospital. 

Ya'll. Prayer is so powerful. Through prayer and our gracious Father, we have seen so many blessings amidst the storm this past week.  The people in Ashley and Landon's life have the most generous hearts. It is going to take a village to weather this storm and a village they have. Their village is so deep with love and most importantly faith.  

I'll finish with this. If you are the praying kind, would you consider joining us in this fight? 

Heavenly Father, we trust in You. We pray for strength. Strength for Landon, Ashley and their entire family physically and emotionally.  We pray this only strengthens their marriage. That they always know how much they are loved.  We pray for Landon's body to react to his medication in the greatest of ways and to remain infection free throughout this journey.  We pray Father for you to be a source of comfort and counsel for both Ashley and Landon.  I pray for my sister. That she leans on You and those around her as she navigates these choppy waters and life in two different places. That she finds comfort in knowing her kids are in loving hands when she is away. And peace with a new normal.  I pray for Harper, Landry and Beckham. That they feel showered with love while they are away from Mommy and Daddy. That they always know how much their Daddy misses them and loves them.   Lastly, I pray Ashley and Landon always feel your presence Lord and never doubt your  ability. You are a wonderful, powerful God. In your gracious name, Amen. 

If this were a boxing match, no doubt Landon won Round 1.   We are some of your biggest fans and are cheering you on, Lan. Bring it Round 2.