Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Kennedy: 6 Months

Oh my goodness, and I thought you had changed so much last month.  You are sitting up all on your own now and can get just about anywhere you want to get by rolling and scooting and rolling some more.  Here is what you are up to at 6 months: 

At 6 months, you...
- are eating about 2.5 T of cereal every night. 
- LOVE the pool
- are sitting up so well!

- have 2 teeth!  Your 2 bottom teeth broke thru at the exact same time just after your 5 month mark.
- don't nap very well during the day but we are making progress slowly.
- love your sister and brother.  They are pretty sweet on you too.
- you cuddle at night after your bottle and I love it.

- are not spitting up hardly at all anymore.  Such a change from your first few months and your siblings.
- have been away from Mommy for the first time overnight, for 5 nights actually.  Daddy and Mommy took a trip to San Diego for our 10th wedding anniversary.  You stayed one day with Nana and the rest of the time in Oklahoma with Mimi and Papa (and your siblings!)
- are very interested in faces...noses, eyes, ears, earrings, hair
- have started going to Nursery at Church.   You have done great and you are loved.

- Size 6 month clothes 
- Size 1-2 diapers 
- 7oz each feeding; a mixture of breastmilk and formula.  Momma built up a good supply in the freezer so we are mixing your bottles about half and half until we run out of our stash.   

Everyone always says "well, you can sure tell they are all siblings" and yes, you all do look alike but you definitely have your own uniqueness and "Kennedy" look to you.  I love your blonde hair.  You are smaller than your siblings by a couple pounds  month after month.  You are very easy going until you get tired.  You are the happiest baby first thing in the morning.  Getting you from your crib in the morning is one of my favorites things.

I cannot believe you are already 1/2 way to 1 year old, sweet girl.  Holy moly... weren't you just born yesterday!?

Kennedy: 5 Months

5 months already!?  What a fun month this has been! You have learned and grown so much these past 4 weeks.  You have discovered your tongue, your toes, your toys and your voice. It's so fun to watch!

At 5 months, you...
- have started cereal!  You eat cereal with us at dinner time every night. 
- love to sleep on your tummy. Speaking of sleeping, you are a sleeping champion at night. Usually 7:30pm - 8 am. You go to bed awake after your bottle and put yourself to sleep. I usually have to wake you at 8 am to start your day. 
- sleep in a sleep sack that isn't tight. No more swaddle.
- suck your thumb and really have nothing to do with a paci.

- stick to a good schedule throughout the day. Usually eat at 8am, 10:30 am, 1:30 pm, 4:30 pm and 7:30.  We start bath usually by 7pm and you take your bottle right after that. 
- love your thumb. Your right one usually. 
- are a happy spitter. 
- are teething.
- have BLUE eyes like your Momma and all your siblings.
- I think are going to have BLONDE hair which is SO fun and different from your otherwise look-alike siblings.

- Size 3-6 month clothes 
- Size 1-2 diapers 
- 6.5 - 7oz each feeding 

You are the happiest baby... I call you "little love".  Your smile is contagious and you smile a lot! Your brother isn't sure what to call you. I will ask him to get you something and refer to you as "Sister" and he will ask back "the big one or the little one?".  Addison has claimed the "sissy" title and Luke isn't going to let you share that apparently.  Regardless,  you are our Kennedy Isabelle and complete our family in the most perfect way.   

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Kennedy: 3 Months

Miss Kennedy Isabelle - you are 3 months old!  I was just telling someone the other day, I don't know if you are doing things faster/earlier than your siblings or if time is really just flying by that much faster!?   You are such a sweet baby and your siblings really love you.  My favorite time of the time is getting you out of your crib in the morning.  Your face just lights up.  Here is what you are up to nowadays.  You are....

  • eating 5 oz to 6 oz every 3 - 3.5 hours during the day. Like clockwork. If you are snoozing soundly, I will let you go 4 hrs before I wake you.
  • For 3 weeks now, you have been sleeping 10:30 pm to 7:30 am. Wow! Momma thanks you!  There have been a few morning I have had to wake you at 8 am to get our day started.
  • We are still working on getting you tired at the 7:30 pm timeframe.  That is usually awake time for you.  You will take a bottle around 7 and will eventually be going to bed then but right now, you like to party and are often awake until you are fed again around 10 pm.
  • still swaddled, arms out.
  • Rolling over!  I put you down on your back and within minutes you are on your tummy.  You can keep rolling usually the same direction back to your back.
  • You love to smile.  You are just the happiest baby.  If you are fussy, you are tired or hungry... maybe dirty but usually that doesn't bother you.
  • a happy spitter.  Trying to figure out what I may be eating that is causing it although, you don't seem to care.
  • exclusively breastmilk-fed from a bottle.  I pump all day, every day.
  • Have moved up from a Level 1 nipple on your bottle to a Level 2 and in return of eating faster, you want to eat more!
  • love the lights from the television
  • starting to grab your toys that hang on your play mat.
  • suck your thumb.  Oh no!  You will take a paci but prefer your thumb, either one.  
  • don't like being held like a baby.  You prefer sitting up and looking out.
  • love to sleep on your belly.  You will be playing and the next thing I know you have rolled onto your tummy, sucked your thumb, and put yourself to sleep.   At night you sleep on your back in your crib in your room.
  • Have stopped losing your hair.  You shed a little bit of it your first couple months but it appears what is left is here to stay.  
  • Get to talking if you are talked to. It is pretty cute!
  • Made your first trip to Oklahoma this past month and met a bunch of Daddy's family.
  • Haven't been away from Mommy overnight yet.
  • Love bath time.
  • Have the prettiest blue eyes just like your siblings.
  • Wearing 0-3 month clothes and sleepers.  Just about out of your 3 month onesies depending on the brand.  You have a long little torso.
  • Size 1 shoes are still a little big.
  • Wearing size 1 diapers

You are loved BIG time, sweet thing.  You bring so much joy to our everyday.  I can't imagine life without you in it.  Let's see what month 4 brings!

Kennedy: 2 Months

  • are eating 4.5 to 5 oz every 3 - 3.5 hours during the day. Like clockwork.  
  • We are still waiting on that night when we wake up startled because you slept longer than 3 hrs. 
  • are on a pretty good schedule. You are usually awake for the day between 6 and 6:30 am. You usually eat at 6 am, 9 am, 12 pm, 4 pm, 7 pm and a dream feed at 10 pm that I wake you for. I prefer a 6 am wake up call and a 7 pm bed time. Gives me time in the morning to get ready myself and not rush the big kids. Also gives us time as a family to eat dinner. Then it's bath and bottle. You are up in the middle of the night between 2 and 3 am to eat. 

  • Sleep in your crib, in your room all by yourself. First night alone was Easter!
  • Are swaddled. Arms out.
  • really love your bath
  • like to just be put down sometimes
  • are wearing 0-3 month clothes, size 1 diapers

Kennedy: 1 Month

Kennedy Isabelle, you are 1 month big!   Oh, what a sweet love you are. You've completed our family in the best way possible. Your brother and sister love you beyond measure and are so proud to show you off to anyone and everyone. 

 At 1 month you ...
  • are eating every 3 hours, day and night. Like clockwork. 
  • breast milk only. You nurse during the night but are on a bottle during the day, just Momma's preference.  3 ounces each feeding.
  • You sleep in your crib at night in your room. Either on your back or in the Boppy Lounger. 
  • Sleep swaddled, arms out. 
  • love your bouncy "bunny" seat if you are sleeping
  • Are a fan of your wubbanubs
  • Mommy sleeps in your room with you at night in the rocker/glider

  • enjoy car rides and going on walks
  • are wearing newborn diapers
  • your eyes are getting more blue every day
  • have quite a bit of dark brown hair but not as much as big sister when she was born
  • Are wearing newborn clothes with the exception of a couple 0-3 month items. 
  • seem to enjoy your baths but once you are out, there better be food ready
  • have only been away from Mom for about 3 hours just last weekend when Mommy and Daddy got away for dinner
  • Already love your daddy. You react the most to him of anyone. You are usually awake eating when he leaves for work in the morning. You love to start your day hearing your voice. 

We thank our Lord daily for you, your health.  What a blessing you are.  Happy 1 month!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Addison Leigh: 5 Years

Miss Addison Leigh, 
5 years ago today you made Daddy and I parents.  We hardly slept the night before in anticipation of that 4:30 am alarm clock.  We wondered what you would look like, how much you would weigh, if you would have any hair.   It was one of the most amazing days of our life.  We love watching you become distinctly you every single day.  We are so proud of you. We are your biggest fans.  Today, we celebrate YOU.  
Our big 5 year old.  Our future kindergartner.  Our little girl.  Forever our baby.  

At 5 years old you....
- are quite sassy.  
- LOVE arts and crafts
- LOVE to sing.  Anything.  All the time.
- LOVE to dance
- are starting to read and write your own sentences. 
- like to practice your "spelling".
- are starting basic addition and subtraction.
- still love to dress-up.  Lately it has been in Momma's old leotards and you pretend you are a "gynastic player".
- can be best of friends and worst enemies with your brother
- change clothes a million times a day.  Oh, the laundry!
- LOVE cowboy boots.
- LOVE tacos and cereal.
- obsessed with chapstick.
- you are a wizard on an ipad and love to watch "netflix" aka Strawberry Shortcake or Barbie
- still dont like to move quick in the morning
- still have a horrible habit of biting and picking your finger nail BUT love a good manicure and pedicure!

- are usually in bed by 8:30 and asleep shortly after 9.  You prefer for someone to lay down with you still but are adjusting well with that not happening much lately because of Luke and Kennedy's needs.
- sometimes just need a "pause" in your room to get your attitude under control.
- are testing your boundaries (and Momma's)
- like to do your own hair and can put it in a side pony or pigtails all by yourself.
- still really want a dog
- are very messy. Cleaning up isn't your specialty.
- are trying out tennis and love it so far!
- swing all by yourself and have for some time.  You go pretty high for only being 5!
- LOVE fruit.  Blueberries, cantalope, oranges, bananas...and you LOVE pickles.  You get that from your Daddy.
- don't like the Texas Longhorns and always point it out when you see a longhorn logo
- are tall enough to turn the lights on and off by yourself now
- learning to ride your bike without training wheels.
- want to try gymnastics
- say you are SO ready for kindergarten
- think you are ready to get your ears pierced...we are going to let that sit for a little bit longer before taking action to make sure you are ready.
- really want to learn to tie your shoes.  We have some work to do this summer!
- prefer to wear dresses
- get shy in front of people when you are "to perform".  This dance recital next month should be interesting!
- have been taking ballet and tap this school year.
- LOVE to go to the park
- always want to be first.  Maybe you are a natural born leader....or maybe you just want to beat your brother
- really into dolls ever since Kennedy was born
- prefer to take a shower over a bath
- don't like juice.  You prefer lemonade or cold water or milk.
- are in a booster seat now with a REAL seatbelt.  Gracious.
- are in XS/S big girl clothes!  With an occasional 5T here and there but very rare.
- size 11/12 shoe

I want to always remember....

- how you talk about God at this age and your love for Him.
- how you say "had-ed" and get your opposites mixed up like when you are cold, you say you are hot but mean you want to warm up.
- how you often ask me "do I look 12?" or "do I look cute like this?"
- how you tell fairy tales to Kennedy.  You are such a sweet big sister.
- how your feet are still so far off the floor when you sit on the couch or in a chair
- how a good ol' nap is still needed every now and then
- how you talk on the phone with so much animation and sass
- how you sometimes just need a hug and aren't afraid to ask for one
- how much fun you have with your cousins
- how you sing "God Our Father" for mealtime prayer.

It is so hard to believe 5 years has already come and gone from that very day we heard your very first little cry.  That day we looked into your beautiful blue eyes for the very first time.  Everyone always tells you it goes by so fast and I don't know I really understood that until I became a parent myself.  You are 5 today... next thing I know you will be 18 and graduating from high school.   As much as I want time to slow down, I am equally excited to see what the future brings for you.  I know you are going to do great things, sweet girl.  As we always say, we love you to the moon and back!  

Happy 5th Birthday, Addison Leigh!

More birthday fun to come!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Kennedy Newborn Pictures

Our little love and all her sweetness at 9 days old...