Sunday, March 2, 2014

Luke: 9 Months

Ya'll, we have a 9 month old.  An almost 3 year old and a 9 month old!  Seriously.  I think this growing thing happens way too fast!  Make it stop.

Luke, you are 9 months old big boy.  Your just rolls and rolls of sweetness.  Your smile will seriously turn the not-so-good-day into the best day ever.  Here is what you are up to three-forths of your way through your first year of life.

At 9 months you...
  • are eating 8 oz at every feeding, 4 feedings a day.  We are down another bottle since last month and will remain here through your first birthday.  You have adjusted so well - Momma is very proud of you.
  • Have a great routine/schedule.  Up by 8 am usually and we get off to school. Your first bottle is with breakfast (oatmeal/cereal) around 9 am.  You then have lunch around 12 noon...usually a veggie and a fruit.  Another bottle after lunch and then down for your nap.   You get a snack when you wake up with a sippy cup of water.  Puffs, mum-mums, or something of the sort.  You then have another bottle around 3:30 or 4.  You will have dinner around 6 o'clock in the evening.  Bathtime afterwards and we are starting your last bottle by 7:00 pm.  You are usually in your crib no later than 7:30.  Sometimes awake, sometimes asleep.  You have been so great about putting yourself to sleep at nap and even at bedtime.  

  • Are a great napper at home but not so much at school.
  • Are now on formula 100% of the time.  Room temperature water.  No more breastmilk or bottle warmer.  (sad mommy)
  • wave hello and goodbye. Melt my heart.
  • have 4 teeth!   Your top two have come through in the past month.  The top left was through for a good two weeks before the top right poked through.  You are turning into such a little toddler right before our eyes.  The teeth just make mommy's heart ache.  It takes away your baby-ness.   
  • are currently on antibiotic again for a double ear infection.  The dreaded call from school came in on Thursday, "Your baby has fever, come get him."  I didn't waste any time and took you right in to the pediatrician that afternoon thinking it may have been your ears again and Mommy was right along with bronchitis.  We win!  3 for the price of 1. 

  • still let me snuggle with you after your bottle most nights but have just in the past couple weeks been unsettled so I put you in your crib and you put yourself to sleep. Sigh.
  • STILL have your umbilical hernia.  No change since last month.  You are our little Pillsbury Doughboy.
  • are a champion army-crawler.  You haven't found a way to get that tummy up off the floor yet to all fours but that doesn't stop you at all. 

  • are not attempting to pull-up yet and you do not attempt to get back to a sitting position from your tummy yet either.  I know it will happen overnight and am embracing your need for Mommy still.
  • LOVE big sister's cozy coupe.  I promise we won't make you ride in the pink car for much longer.
  • are bashful.  When anyone tells you hi or approaches you, you tuck your head into your belly or onto the person's shoulder holding you.  It is really the sweetest.
  • are going to nursery at church and doing really well.  You fuss just for a minute when you are dropped off.
  • go right to your teachers at school without any fussing at all.  Miss Maggie is our favorite.
  • are going to be going to a new school at the end of March.  We are switching you and big sister to a school closer to home that is Christian-based and has a formal preschool for when you get bigger.  We will miss our Castle family very much but my Mommy gut tells me this is going to be a good change.

  • are more and more into your wubbanubs.  It is something that will soothe you now on its own.  I am torn whether this was a good idea since you went 6 months without taking paci.  Ah well!
  • are wearing mostly 18 month clothes, some 12 months. I know once you get moving you will thin up and we will be able to go more than a couple months without having to buy new clothes!
  • are in size 4 diapers and size 5 night-timers. 
  • size 3 shoe and not just any size 3 but ones with a lot of give and take.  You have the fattest feet just like your big sister did at your age.
  • still have those baby blues.
We love you to the moon and back sweet boy.  To think about your first 4-5 months and then to think of the last 4 months, they are a night and day difference.   I am so thankful we are through the colicky, tummy-trouble stage because you are now the happiest, fluffiest, bundle of love we know.  I cannot wait to see what this 10th month brings little man.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Merry Merry Christmastime

I put together this long list of things we "had" to do through the holidays and we did 2, okay maybe 3.  We didn't do everything on my list of must-dos but we definitely got in the Christmas spirit when we could!
One weekend in December we met Nana, Brandon and the boys in Grapevine at Bass Pro for a Santa visit.  We saw Santa all right... from afar!  We got there at 10 am and received a 2 pm Santa time.  Thanks but no thanks from the mother of children who need naps!  We did enjoy some of the other fun things they had to offer and of course, family time is always worth it!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Iced In

Back in December we had Ice-ageddon.... like inches of ICE for days.
This is what your winter gear looks like growing up in Texas... whatever you can find and just add some cowboy boots!  It helps if everything is pink.
The little guy looked on from the inside ...
ICE Angels...
What else to do when you are stuck inside... cookies of course!
Cookies and apron required.... pants optional!

A Prosper Christmas

Christmas is my favorite time of year, hands down, and this Christmas we found an event that will become tradition for us for many years to come, our new town's Christmas Parade and community event. It was a little spur of the moment and a lot cold but we were so excited Ash, Landon and the girls could join us. 
The parade was great, just long enough and within arms reach.  Oh, did I mention it was cold?  Look at these two cuties staying warm!
We knew there was a parade but really were not sure what else we may find.  We were walking main street and came upon Santa's Mailbox.  Addison colored her letter to Santa asking for a kitty pack-pack (back pack) and scissors.  Yep, scissors were on this girl's Christmas list.  Santa didn't bring either.  Next year, Santa better do better! 
As we were writing our letters to Santa a line starts forming by us which we quickly learned was to visit with Santa... free!  Take your own pictures and a short line!  Sign us up!
Santa looks a little scary but he was a very sweet Aggie and I am pretty sure Mrs. Claus was Mrs. Aggie as well.  Addison completely surprised us and was ALL about him.  Marched up to his lap like she was 10.
Luke was sleeping so this was the best we got of him with Santa for his first Christmas.
But these two cuties stole the show!  Mrs. Claus even got a picture for herself!  Seriously, the most precious gifts ever.
I hope Logan and Aiden can join us next year for a fun tradition in the making! 

Meet Muffin

The warmer temps have me anxious for Spring to arrive and has me motivated to get our winter and Christmas up on the blog!
We started Elf on the Shelf this year and Addison named her elf... Muffin.  Yep, Muffin - the little boy elf.  Anyways, we had some fun moving him each night, got lazy and lacked creativity other nights but all in all... a tradition we are already looking forward to next year!
Muffin arrived after a LONG trip from the North Pole (aka. deep freeze) to the most precious 2 year old we know....

We watched the movie and read the Elf on the Shelf story.  Addison was a little unsure at first but over the first couple days, she fell in love.  

 To this day, if I buy "snow" covered donuts at the store she thinks Muffin brought them just for her.  Josh and I still find ourselves every now and then telling Addison "Muffin is watching!"... oh lordy!
Muffin may have to arrive with a skirt or a dress on next year and magically turn into a girl and bring a friend for brother... who knows what Santa has up his sleeve!