Sunday, February 19, 2017

Celebrating our Little Sweetheart!

Last weekend we celebrated Miss Kennedy's big first year with family.  Given her birthday is February 9th, it was too easy not to go with a heart theme for our little love.  I envision many more of those in her future!
 The best we could get with this mover and totally failed at getting a family picture. #whoops

 We love this 1 year old more than you can imagine!

Come on in!  

First up, lunch!  This girl can destroy some Chic-fil-a nuggets so we did just that, a big platter of nuggets and some other goodies.  Super easy.  Delicious.  For your next party, I highly suggest doing the same.  It's a big hit for little kids, big kids, and really big kids.

 Love this Smith trio.  Celebrating birthdays with cousins is the best.

  For each birthday, I get a book for the guests to sign that goes along with the theme.  I hope when they grow up and have kids of their own, they cherish these books and share them with their kids.

Miss K and Aunt Ashley

After lunch, it was presents.  K wasn't really into opening.  She got easily distracted but I assure you, big sister was right there to help out.

 Kennedy got a little taste of cake, okay... a lot of taste of cake, on her actual birthday and again for her party.  Paying a lot of money for a smash cake just isn't my thing so I made her a little cake that was all hers to destroy.  It wasn't perfect but it was made with love. I'm not sure what she likes better... the cake or the icing.  This one has a sweet tooth!

We enjoyed the day with our family so much. It was perfect.  I love a full home.  I cannot get enough of the fellowship and laughs and love.  Not to mention it was 80 degrees in February!!  I mean, that made it over the top perfect.
Cousin Grace and Addison 

This profile gets me every time. 

Outfit change... did I mention it was 80 degrees!?  Those lips though....

Oh, this boy.... Cousin Beckham.  K and Beck will be the best of friends. I love him so and all the boy he is.  He reminds me so much of Luke at his age.
  I LOVE this picture of Kennedy and Nana (my mom).  

And just like that our baby is one and thinks she is a big girl kissing other babies and all.

Party favors for the kids..."Sip, sip, hooray!  Thank you for celebrating my big day!"

Shout out to my MIL for making that super cute heart banner...the perfect touch!

We are so grateful our family came together to celebrate.... from near and far.  Sweet, sweet memories made for our little love.  Happy 1st birthday, sweetheart!  

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