Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Traditions

Easter for the Creed Family isn't complete without dying Easter eggs and baking sugar cookies.  We headed over to Nana's Saturday afternoon to do just that.

First up, baking sugar cookies and decorating them.
Then a break for some fun in the sun!
 First time down a slide for this little lady and she loved it!

One of my favorite pictures of these boys in their Ranger gear from Aunt Ashley and Uncle Landon. 
After a yummy dinner, it was egg time.  That means serious business.

Thanks Nana for such a fun afternoon!

I cannot wait until all of the Creed cousins can be together again.  We miss Thomas and Shane everyday but we miss them like CRAZY during times like these.  Hopefully very soon!

Next up...getting ready for the Easter Bunny.

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