Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Dr. G gave us some homework at Addison's 1-year checkup: start brushin' those teeth daily and be bottle-free by her 15-month checkup.

First up, those pearly whites.  Addison did surprisingly very well!
I love that crazy hair after her bath.

Up next...bottles.  It is as if Addison really listened to Dr. G at her appointment. She woke up the day after her check-up and pushed her morning bottle away.  I attempted her bottle again that night and she pushed it away again!  I really thought getting Addison off her bottles was going to be a much tougher feat and really didn't believe it so... I tried her bottle again the next morning to no avail.  We are officially bottle-free and they are packed up in her closet!

Now those two things make this TODDLER thing that much more official.

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