Sunday, July 21, 2013

Meet Gilly

Or maybe it is Gilley (Bubble Guppies anyone??) Addison it is "GeeWee" and she loves it.  The Carson's officially have a pet!  Addison is so very proud of her fish and makes sure to check up on him several times a day. 

Those close to me know I am just not a pet person.  I am not sure what happened to me but I didn't get that gene.  We will definitely not have any rodents or reptiles in our house like a hamster or a snake.  Josh and I both share the same opinion on cats... not happening.  The one animal that may survive in our house is a dog... just not in the immediate future.
Back to "GeeWee"... Aunt Ashley gave Addison her fish bowl when she was packing up her classroom and we had to get a fish for it of course!  The first attempt at the pet store was not successful.  Addison saw the snakes, screamed and Daddy had to exit the store to keep the peace.  I took her back a few days later, approached the entrance with one mission in mind... we just need a fish....success!

So far so good.  Gilly is now over a month old and still swimming!  Praise the Lord!

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Jen said...

Awww, how fun! And I agree with you, I'm not a big pet person. Most days I wish we didn't have these 2 dogs!