Friday, November 29, 2013

Newborn Pictures...times TWO

I cannot get enough of this cuteness!  I had so much fun, with the help of my sister, my mom, and two of the cutest models ever, capturing these little miracles "tinyness" just shortly after they were discharged from the NICU.  

We set up shop in our dining room, said a prayer, and started snappin'.   There is nothing like a newborn baby, nothing.  They are the best thing ever.

Here are my precious nieces, all 4 pounds of Miss Harper Marie (right) and almost 6 pounds of her precious sister, Miss Landry Elizabeth (left).


They are definitely not perfect or professional but boy, they are precious.  I just love, love, love these little ladies and their Momma and Daddy. 
Landry and Harper are 4.5 months now and doing so well.  I stare at them in awe just to think of how much they have grown since their birthday.  Over 20 lbs of cuteness now between them and just the sweetest things ever.

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