Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Prosper Christmas

Christmas is my favorite time of year, hands down, and this Christmas we found an event that will become tradition for us for many years to come, our new town's Christmas Parade and community event. It was a little spur of the moment and a lot cold but we were so excited Ash, Landon and the girls could join us. 
The parade was great, just long enough and within arms reach.  Oh, did I mention it was cold?  Look at these two cuties staying warm!
We knew there was a parade but really were not sure what else we may find.  We were walking main street and came upon Santa's Mailbox.  Addison colored her letter to Santa asking for a kitty pack-pack (back pack) and scissors.  Yep, scissors were on this girl's Christmas list.  Santa didn't bring either.  Next year, Santa better do better! 
As we were writing our letters to Santa a line starts forming by us which we quickly learned was to visit with Santa... free!  Take your own pictures and a short line!  Sign us up!
Santa looks a little scary but he was a very sweet Aggie and I am pretty sure Mrs. Claus was Mrs. Aggie as well.  Addison completely surprised us and was ALL about him.  Marched up to his lap like she was 10.
Luke was sleeping so this was the best we got of him with Santa for his first Christmas.
But these two cuties stole the show!  Mrs. Claus even got a picture for herself!  Seriously, the most precious gifts ever.
I hope Logan and Aiden can join us next year for a fun tradition in the making! 

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