Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Love Day Details

Holidays are just so much fun with kids and Valentine's Day is no different!  The kids both had Friendship Day at school so we made little treats for their friends, made a special box for Addison, snapped a few pics Valentine's Day morning and showered our little ones with hugs, kisses, and a few small treats from Mommy and Daddy.  
Addison was so into helping make her treats this year and decorating her box.  It was SO fun!  She stuffed every one of her bags and was so very proud of her Valentine box.
Luke on the other hand had no clue what he gave his friends but this Mommy thought it was a good idea!  Rubber ducky bath toys I found for $1.  We will very likely use this idea again. Ha!
 Love these two so much and how much they love each other.  They already have such a special relationship that I know will only grow as they get older.  Such a sweet pair, the most precious brother and sister.
It was a very happy, heart day for the Carson house.

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