Sunday, August 3, 2014

Little Man's BirthDAY

I love birthdays.  I was raised with my Mom making our birthdays so special and hope I can make them just as special for our kids.  I took off work and planned a fun little, low-key day with our little guy and loved every second.

Luke woke up in the best mood....he just knew it was a special day. 

Up first was muffins with the birthday boy....

Then it was off to the park ...

We grabbed Chic-fil-a for lunch and headed home for a good nap.  Nap time was Mommy's time to do a little party prep for the next day.  Once Daddy got home from work, we spent the evening outside and did a little bit more celebrating.


And the tradition continues for our kids, you turn 1 and YOU GET A BRAND NEW CAR!  No more pink cozy coupe for this little guy and he is in LOVE.  Likely the only brand new car we will buy you buddy, so enjoy it! 
Such a fun day and even more celebrating up next!

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