Friday, December 5, 2014

Addison: 3 1/2 Years

Addison Leigh, you are 3 1/2 years old and I just can't believe it.  Only 6 months and you will be 4.  You are the most adorable, loving, and smart 3 1/2 year old who challenges us daily with your attitude, independence and strong-will.  Here is a bit of what you are up to these days...

- love the planets.  Seriously obsessed.  In a "that's not normal" kinda way.
- are so inquisitive 
- LOVE to sing.  ALL day long.  EVERY day.
- like to take showers (aka play in the shower)
- are getting so good at brushing those teeth
- can write your first name!
- are definitely a lefty
- are FULL of sass!

- LOVE to color.  The first thing and last thing you do pretty much every single day is wiggle that crayon on your current coloring page and you color in the lines so well.  Your Momma is so impressed!
- have MASTERED the potty.  You turned 3 back in May and it was like a light switch.  We haven't had any issues since that very day.
- know your days of the week, especially that Friday means it's the weekend!
- haven't quite mastered other concepts of time.  Everything is "next week, next year, last year..." when you may just be trying to tell me about something from yesterday or tomorrow.

- love tacos, yogurt and oranges.
- you are a creature of routine (can't blame you!).  You know once your brother goes to bed, you get a snack, a drink, and can color/watch tv/read.  Then, it's bed time.  And, don't rush you in the morning or your boss will pay for it.
- would TWIRL constantly if I let you.

- are a princess at heart.
- are still a girly girl with the exception of being a bow-lover.  You would rather wear 4 headbands than a big bow.
- love to pick out your own clothes that "match" in your opinion.
- LOVE your cousins and get so excited to see them!
- do not like to ask for help.
- are still obsessed with anything Frozen. 
- are really anxious to turn 5 and go to kindergarten.  You would skip 4 if you could.
- play extremely well by yourself with an amazing imagination.
- you are a collector of anything and everything in sight.  If we can't find something, you are the first person we ask.

I want to always remember:
- how you pray.
- how you are afraid to fail, especially when it comes to writing your "S"
- how motherly you are to your brother in one moment and how he is your worst enemy in the next 

- how you randomly tell Daddy and I "I love you" throughout the day.
- how you still like to be carried to bed.
- how you sing along to praise and worship music in the car
- how your Daddy is your hero.
- how you hold our face when you give your sweet kisses.

Sweet girl, you are amazing.  You are unique and special and in every way, perfect for our family.  We are beyond thankful God chose us to be your Mommy and Daddy and chose you to make us parents.  Luke has a big sister that I know will take care of him always.  You are teaching me patience every single day and making sure I remember to "just let you be little".  These are moments  I will cherish always and hold so close to my heart.  Love you baby girl!

*Images by Milano Photography.  Check them out!

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