Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Superior Lawn Care was back in full effect this past month for two different Saturdays.  Ashley and Landon built a BEAUTIFUL home and moved in this past spring.  My husband volunteered himself (which included all of us) to put in their sprinkler system.  J has done sprinkler systems a time or two (or 100)... no big deal, right?  Well, it is a BIG deal when it rains a monsoon the night before.  Let's just say we all could not move after day one so we had to postpone the front yard to a few weekends later.   I do not think any of us realized how big their lot was until we were digging in dirt and raking in trenches.  It is LARGE.  Perfect for a pool (hint, hint).

Here are some sweet treats I made for Day 1 (Backyard) which happend to be July 3rd.

And that is the extent of pictures from Day 1. 
Just imagine the four of us... wet, covered in mud, and grumpy. 

Ahh Day 2... much better weather.  Yep, that is my hardworker in the picture below. Check out the background.  That is the Smith House... isn't it beautiful!  Can you tell we are over-the-top excited for their new place!?

The Smith Boys.  Chance, Landon's youngest brother, helped us out on Day 2. 

After two long days, we were done! I have to admit, there were times I took the "I am a girl" way out of certain tasks but my sister...jeez. She is not afraid to get dirty.  I think we all made a great team. I know the Smiths are very happy to have it finished but I think their dogs may be more excited. 

No matter what we are doing, we always find a way to smile and laugh when we are all together.  J and I love spending time with the Smiths. They may only live an hour away, but we can always find a reason to still have sleepovers and I think it will still be that way when we are 50....


Jen said...

Ronnie was just saying he wants a sprinkler system for next summer. What are you doing this weekend. Do you want to put in a sprinkler system, er, I mean come over for lunch? I'm sure your sister and brother in law will appreciate it for years to come!

thelifeofaParish said...

tell josh, next time you guys are in town that we need a sprinkler system installed as well :) just kidding. hope you guys are doing well and enjoying your new home, helene told me all about it. so exciting!!!