Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Whooaaa Belly!

We are 36 weeks tomorrow!  I cannot believe how fast this time has gone.  Everyone said it would fly by and I feel like it was just yesterday that we were going for our first OB visit.  We have started going to the doctor every week now.  Last week we had a wonderful report and another ultrasound to check our little girl's growth.  My belly and our little one is measuring a couple weeks ahead of schedule and the ultrasound estimates her weight at 7 lbs already.... hence WHOOOAAA BELLY! Our doctor, who we just love, thinks she is really at about 6.5 lbs.  Her heartbeat has stayed steady all along, in the 140s.  My BP and everything else looks good too!  I still feel really great.  I have found I am a little more limited to the time on my feet but I am still sleeping wonderfully at night.  Poor Josh has found himself on the couch a couple times in the middle of the night because this belly doesn't always make room for him.   Sure, everyday things are getting a little harder like picking something off of the floor but that is to be expected.
35 weeks, 4 days
We feel so blessed to experience this journey of becoming parents.   There is just nothing like it!  We are so excited and so ready to meet our little girl.   Our bags are semi-packed and her car seat is in the car.  By semi-packed I mean I have my stuff and little bit's things sitting in a suitcase right inside her room.  I need to wash a load of her clothes this weekend. Any great recommendations on things to take to the hospital.... we are all ears!   No, I didnt forget about Josh - he says he will handle himself so I say "Go for it Daddy".   My plan this weekend is to wrap up those final to do's (ie. wash clothes, cook/freeze some meals, update the blog, etc.) and really sit back, relax, and enjoy these last few weeks as a family of two.

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Beth said...

Your belly is so cute!
This will sound stupid, but now's the time to make sure your toes stay pedicured and legs shaved just in case you unexpectedly go into labor. With everyone and their grandma coming in and out of your hospital room while you're in an ugly gown and no makeup, it's nice to at least have pretty toes. :)