Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Day at the Beach

Weekend before last my sweet friend, Jennifer, and her family were in Dallas for a little family vacation.  Jennifer and I worked together for many years in Oklahoma and now that she stays home with her little ones and we live in Texas, we don't get to see if other as often as we would like but we still stay in touch which I love.  She was so kind to think of us when she was coordinating all her fun activities and scheduling their trip.  A must on the agenda and a great way to wrap up their vacation was a trip to the beach!
{Ellie, Avery and Addison}
But... before we get to the bathing beauties, we had some fun around the house.
This sweet face arrived Friday evening.  Ellie is 8 months old and is Jennifer and Ronnie's youngest.   She brought along her parents and older sister, of course.
It is a little hard to tell but that is Addison AND Avery in her cozy coupe.  I love this picture.  I can see this being Addison with a baby brother or sister one day.  Just precious.  Avery was so kind and patient with our little 15 month old.
Miss Avery Grace - 4 years
This was after Addison's burn incident... not even phased.
Hilarious...these two were a bit dizzy after this little ride.  Look at their faces!
Miss Ellie just hanging out...
And Addison literally hanging out... I mentioned in our last post, Addison is signed up for gym class.  She is more than ready.

Phew... after dinner and some fun at the park, it was bath time for the babes.  Then some reading time...
I think Addison was CRUSHING Avery.  She is a giant compared to little Ellie.

Saturday morning we moved slower than usual with Addison taking an unexpected nap but we were off to the beach eventually...
Avery is a fish... diving for rings and swimming like she is 12.  She absolutely loves the water.
Ellie got in on the action too for a little bit...

Our nugget took her time to warm up to the beach... we woke her from her nap so we could get on with our day and she wasn't quite ready for that but we got there.
Snack time! Remember, that is one of Addison's favorite parts of going to the pool.

Meanwhile, Ellie was all about her siesta.

Sweet sisters

We had so much fun with the Morris family and cannot wait to get together again...maybe in Oklahoma sooner than later!  
Thanks so much for coming to visit and including our family in your family vacation.  

On a side note and despite what the pictures show, I promise there were adults present and supervising all activities.

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Jen said...

I love it! We had such a great time! I think Avery could have played with those rings all day! Thanks again for having us!