Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oh, Baby! 21 Weeks ...

I have been horrible capturing updates throughout this pregnancy and vow to do better the second half.  Yes, already over halfway through this pregnancy!  Here we are at 21 weeks.

It is flying by and this Momma is feeling great despite the "I'm Tired" look on my face in the picture.  Compare bellies of Baby Boy at 21 and Addison at 25 here - 25 Weeks.  Pretty similar.

Baby Boy is doing great.  At our 19 week ultrasound he was measuring in the 55 percentile which is smaller than Addison but right on track and weighing about 11 oz.  We go back again at 25 for another look at the little guy. Heartbeat as been steadily in the 150s.

It is time to start planning the nursery and getting some things in order for this little one's arrival.  Halfway through means we are now counting down.

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Jen said...

I think you look smaller with Baby Boy! You look great though!