Thursday, January 2, 2014

McPherson Wedding - Tulsa, OK

I love weddings and I really love family weddings.  Get ready.  Picture overload.  You have been warned.

 {Uncle Bob and Aunt Kristi}


 {Some good lookin' men!}
{My Mom and 5 of her 6 siblings}

 {Someone was having a good time... look at that hair!}


Our little lady danced the night away and lasted all night long.  Little brother was back in Texas with Mimi and Papa and feeling under the weather.  We enjoyed a weekend with our little lady.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. McPherson!  That was a night to remember!

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Jen said...

Where did you get that little fur coat?! Avery is going to be a flower girl next weekend and that would be perfect! What a fun night! Everyone looked great!