Thursday, January 2, 2014

Wedding Bells and our Flower Girl

Back in October (yes, I am that behind), my cousin got married in Tulsa.  Princess Alden as Addison called her asked Addison and two of my other cousins to be her flower girls.  To say this Momma was excited is an understatement.  I bought Addison a book about being a flower girls and we read it everyday, multiple times. As the wedding day approached, she could not wait!  She was going to be a "fowerr girl".  At 2.5, I was a little nervous - okay, a LOT nervous but she did very well for being 2.5.  Here are some pictures from our fun weekend in Tulsa!


{2 of the 3 flower girls}

{Mother of the Bride and the Bride... beautiful!}

Next up... REHEARSAL
Flower Girls - Grace (3), Kate (4), and Addison (2) 

{Mom and two of her sisters}
Love, love this picture! 

It was a fun night!  That little girl danced her little heart out and slept great!

Next up.... THE BIG DAY!

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