Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Luke: 2 . 5 Years

And just like that you are 2.5 years old.... very quickly approaching the big 3! You are ALL boy.  Like holy moly, all BOY.

Here is what you are up to these days.  You....

- are sleeping in a toddler bed
- broke up with your paci just shortly after your 2nd birthday
- with the paci break-up also came a break-up with naps (ugh!)  We are lucky to get a nap out of your once or twice a week... maybe.
- are up by 7:30 every morning on your own and are asleep usually by 8:30 pm at the latest
- love snacks.  You think any and every car ride is meant to be a feast.  You will always ask me "what you have!?"
- are missing the warmer weather and being able to play outside all day, every day
- have a great vocabulary and are speaking so well but I'm a little biased.
- you tell us multiple times a day "I be a boomer sooner when I grow up and pway footbawl!"  You have been brainwashed by your Daddy pretty good.  You think any football you see is the Boomer Sooners and will break out in chant.
-  are still pretty shy and love to cling to Mommy and Daddy when not at home
-  love your cousins.  You mention Aiden and Harper at the dinner table every night.
-  are very coordinated.  More so than your sister.  You play t-ball like a champ, run and kick a soccer ball, play on your scooter with ease.  You impress me daily.
- like to CLIMB.  On EVERYTHING.  Lord, help me and keep you safe!
- like to color; however, we had to take crayons away from you because you liked to color on everything.  Walls.  Couches.  Ugh.  For now, Color Wonder ONLY.
-  are doing very well at school.  Finally warmed up so you don't cry at drop-off everyday BUT don't change your routine or you will see tears.  Mommy has to get you out of the car and you have to hold sissy's hand walking into school.  A teacher better not touch you.
- are getting taller and thinning out.  Makes me sad.
- are pretty defiant with certain things and if you don't get your way, you make sure and tell us you are mad about it.
- like to go to Target and often request to "run airwends" after school rather than go home
- are still afraid of dogs... really any animal but our beta fish.
- love cereal just like your sister (and your Momma)
- must have milk before bed, usually chocolate milk is the request
- don't like getting your hair fixed or cut
- LOVE to sing.  "Jesus Loves Me" is your favorite.  Your recite "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" like poetry rather than a song.   It's very dramatic.
- love to "look" for baby sister in my belly.  It always results in "I don't see her".  You are going to be a great big brother.
- go on the potty on average once a day, usually before bath.  You are ready to potty train Momma has just put it off until baby sister gets here. 
- are wearing 4T clothes, weigh 34 lbs, and are in a size 10 shoe

I want to always remember...

- your giggle.
- how you make us laugh.  Just by your actions, your eyes, your looks, your walk, your stories.  They way you carry yourself.  There is something so "Luke" about it and it makes any day a better day.

- how you pray.  You lower your head, close your eyes, and then you start peaking your eyes open to check on everyone else.
- how you yell for "Momma!" in the mornings as you wait outside your door for me to come get you. 
- the way you bathe yourself.  It's hilarious.
- how you ask Mommy or Daddy to sit "wif" you
- how sweet you are after you ask for help, you always say thank you
- how you hold my right hand going down the stairs every morning after you wake up
- your love affair with snacks
- the way your little legs look in your diaper

Luke Matthew, we love ALL the boy that you are.  You are going to be the perfect middle child.  You keep us on our toes and hopefully out of the ER for the foreseeable future.  Keep being you because we think you are pretty amazing.  

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