Monday, September 2, 2013

Luke: 3 Months


Sweet, baby boy - you are 3 months old!  You are changing so much every day and are starting to really react to others and show that sweet smile more and more.  As long as you are fed, clean pants,  and rested, you are a happy boy.

At 3 months you ...
  • are eating 5 oz at every feeding (at least), 7 feedings a day
  • breast milk only, always from a bottle
  • sleeping consistently 4.5-5 hours straight at night, usually 11:00 pm to 4:00 am.  You still want that middle of the night feeding at 4 am and will then go back to sleep until 7:30.
  • Mommy is back in her bed! Yay!  We moved you to the downstairs guest room in the pack-n-play for the past month.  Now that you are consistently only getting up once a night, it is back to your crib little man.
  • don't like a pacifier enough for it to soothe you when you are fussy.
  • are getting better and stronger at tummy time.  It isn't the worst thing in your world anymore.
  • still sleep in your crib swaddled, arms out but are slowly starting to break those little legs free.
  • still have your umbilical hernia.  We are ready for that to go away any day now.
  • are the happiest spitter out there.  You spit-up a lot quite honestly but it doesn't hurt and Dr. G is not concerned given you are still gaining weight just fine.  We still have you on reflux meds twice a day.
  • still have that your clogged tear-duct too.  It has been worse the last couple weeks because of all the spit-up.  Hopefully, it opens up like big sister's did all on its own.
  • love to sit up and see the world whether it is in your bumbo or someone's arms
  • are starting to play in your excersaucer.  We have to watch Addison because she will spin you around like a tornado if we are not watching.
  • are starting to react to big sister and give her smiles.  It melts my heart.
  • will roll from your tummy to your back but are still working on getting from your back to your tummy.
  • LOVE your hands.  If you would only find that thumb to self-soothe.  I know.... not ideal but if it isn't the paci, go for that thumb buddy.
  • will play on your play-mat by yourself for a while, you like the bright lights and music
  • LOVE singing songs ...your favorite is Patty Cake
  • are doing pretty good at school.  You don't sleep the best at school but I am hopeful it will improve.
  • still have all that hair, we are going to have to trim it by your ears soon!
  • are going to have blue eyes just like your sister.  They are sticking around.
  • weigh 17 lbs;  we don't see Dr. G this month so I am not sure that is completely accurate but that is what the home scale says.  Whoah!
  • are wearing 6 month clothes.  Seriously. We call you our "little giant" or "chunk".
  • are in size 2 diapers and have been for over a month!

You are our little chunk of love, little man.  I cannot get enough of your rolls and sweet cheeks.    Your smile makes a not so good day, the best day.  We cannot wait to see what this next month brings.  Sister starting sleeping through the night during her 4th month - 8 pm to 6:30 am.  No pressure.
We love you to the moon and back, Luke Matthew!

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