Thursday, September 19, 2013

Potty Party

It was time.  All the signs were there like taking off a dirty diaper and hiding it.  The girl didn't like being wet or dirty.  So we committed over Labor Day weekend and embarked on potty training.  Addison loves herself a party and presents so we made it just that.... 

Yes, friends. This post is about potty training.

We were committed to the 3-day training program other than I didn't want to start on Saturday because my sister was this way with her girls and well, they had to be seen!  So... we started Day 1 on a Sunday, with Monday as a holiday it worked out and she was off to school Tuesday in panties (and about 5 extra pairs just in case).

Here was our setup....

Potty Prizes (mini M&Ms)
Stickers, stickers and more stickers
Presents (thank you Target dollar bins)
Fruit Snacks for an extra treat
Fancy new water bottle for lots of drinking
Tracking Chart made by yours truly
Potty Seat 
Step Stool

First up.... a present full of big girl panties just after waking up on Day 1. We started with 10 pairs of underwear and since then I have bought another package so I wasn't always washing. 

Panties on and we "threw away" all her diapers.  

Then we waited... we waited for her to tell us she had to go...

She baked brownies with Daddy.

We played outside... 

We didn't leave her side and we still had 5 accidents by Sunday evening... 0 successes.  Then it clicked and before bed on Sunday we had success!  

My fancy chart was supposed to go like this...Each success she got a potty prize (M&M) ...  after 3 successes at the potty she would reach the star.   Stars mean presents.  Going #2 got a star right away.  That was a big deal.

Well, we were too ecstatic for the first success that we went straight to the presents.

Monday we had even more success and even #2.   We called Nana one time to share our fun news ... And Aunt Ashley ... And Mimi. This was news worthy, friends. 

Yes, my OCD was twitching that she wasn't following my apparent 5th-grade-level tracking chart... 

More presents... she got a new coloring book, toothbrush and toothpaste, a little purse (pencil pouch), a new shirt, a princess crown...

More success!!  And the stickers starting going everywhere....

Day 3 and she was off to school in panties.  My sweet, big 28-month old... potty trained.  Yes, we still have accidents but overall she is doing great.  At just under 2 weeks, she had her first accident-free day.  She is in a pull-up at night but that is whole different story... We need all the sleep we can get with a 3-Month old so we caved and opted for a pull-up at night. Problem is she won't go in it.  She wakes up crying because she doesn't want to go in her pants.   Bless her. 

 We are still constantly telling her to remember to tell Mommy and Daddy when she has to go.  She also tells Bubba just in case he was feeling left out. 

There you have it... that is what worked for us!  
We now have our very own Potty Princess in the Carson house!

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Jen said...

We trained Avery over a Labor too! And we called the pull ups at night her night time panties! Ha!!